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If missing teeth has been a problem for you, dental implants may be the answer you've been looking for. Dental implants can restore your confidence and self-esteem as they help you to eat, speak and smile comfortably.

A dental implant is the best option for replacing a lost or unrestorable tooth. An implant can replace a single tooth, thus eliminating the need for a bridge or partial denture, or, in conjunction with other implants, can replace multiple teeth. Also, implants can be used to make a full denture more stable, secure and functionally closer to what natural teeth feel like. The implant consists of a few parts: a titanium root that is anchored in the jaw bone, an abutment, which is secured to the titanium root, and a crown which goes over the abutment and functions like a natural tooth. Other benefits include the fact that implants stabilize and help preserve in the long run the bone where a tooth was lost, and that they will circumvent the need to irreversibly shave off tooth structure on adjacent teeth as it's necessary when choosing to replace a missing tooth with a bridge.

There is little or no pain involved in placing an implant, and the results can be amazing. Dr. Mitrofan is experienced as an implant dentist and can answer any further questions that you might have.

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