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Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

When bacteria are allowed to develop uncontrolled on and around teeth, the gums (gingivae) become irritated and infected. The process starts with gingivitis (gum inflammation) and progresses to periodontal disease (periodontitis). At this stage, not only the gums are more swollen and bleed easily, but actually the bone that supports the teeth gradually gets destroyed. This bone loss leads to a weakening of the structures supporting the teeth, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. A foul smell usually accompanies this condition. The treatment is to remove the irritants, including tartar and bacteria, and thus allow tissues to come back to normal. Sometimes root planing (deep cleaning) with rigorous follow-up visits and improved oral hygiene habits will solve the problem. In some cases gum surgery and antibiotic treatment may be needed.

Dr. Mitrofan can explain in more detail what you can do to prevent gum disease, and will help you along with the necessary treatment.

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