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Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

White, bright teeth! Yeah! Your coworker has them, and your friend, and your neighbor, and, of course, all those movie stars and TV people. But can you have a bright smile? Yes, you really can have a bright smile, too! It's simple, safe, and very affordable. Dr. Mitrofan will create a set of close fitting custom trays containing a special bleaching gel that will be worn for half hour each day for about two weeks. The results can vary depending on the initial color of your teeth and other factors, but teeth will get brighter, most of the time with excellent results.

We also offer in-office bleaching for the patients who want to have their teeth whitened on the spot for a fast approaching event, or who do not want the trouble of dealing with the bleaching trays and gel. The visit usually lasts a little over an hour, and gives excellent results.

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